RTM-T Gigabit Serial Link Adapter

Stream simultaneous digitizer data direct to PCI-Express

ACQ200 series products including RTM-T 2003-2018 are now END OF LIFE
recommended ACQ2106 faster, more flexible, cheaper

RTM-T is a new Rear Transition Module, compatible with existing ACQ196CPCI, ACQ132CPCI and ACQ164CPCI digitizers, as well as AO32CPCI AWG card.

RTM-T provides a fast data path direct to gigabit serial links:

  • PCI-Express on Cable 1x
  • Fiber SFP
  • Gigabit Ethernet

Available now, the PCI-Express (PCIe) on Cable interface transfers data direct to a host PC adapter. D‑TACQ firmware uses an efficient DMA implementation capable at streaming data at over 200MBytes/second with minimum host computer overhead. The interface adheres to the the "PCIe on Cable" standard, allowing use of low cost off the shelf cabling and cable adapters.

Example usage:

  • ACQ196CPCI : stream 96 channels at 500 kSPS direct to host.
  • ACQ132CPCI : stream 32 channels at 3 MSPS direct to host.
  • ACQ164CPCI : stream data direct to fiber optic link *
  • AO32CPCI : creates a low cost networked AWG in one slot.

* ACQ164CPCI can already stream full rate data direct to Gigabit Ethernet.

The data interface is capable of streaming data indefinitely.
Streaming to disk is supported, to the limit of attached disk storage size.
Multiple cards can stream data to the same host, to the limit of host bus transfer capacity. Since each ACQ196CPCI or ACQ132CPCI card has its own RTM-T card and therefore its own dedicated data link, this solution is highly scalable.
RTM-T may be retrofitted to existing cards.

The Fiber SFP interface links back to ACQ-FIBER-HBA, a PCI-Express card with two SFP ports that plugs into a regular PC. It is also possible to link to existing fiber-optic precision timing systems, provided the protocol is available. RTM-T features a modern, high performance FPGAworld device with a large amount of free resource to facilitate this.
The Gigabit Ethernet interface will support IEEE-1588 PTP.