D‑TACQ's products are used in leading-edge test, diagnostic and control applications around the world.

  • Some of our original and major users are involved in Plasma Fusion research, where many hundreds of channels are in daily use in diagnostic applications, including point camera tomographic imaging, Langmuir Probe arrays and RF experiments.
  • ACQ196CPCI/AO32CPCI products have been deployed extensively in the demanding application of Plasma Control, where many hundreds of analog inputs are simultaneously captured and fed to a control computer with minimum latency, coupled with a low latency output path to a set of analog output channels.
  • Applications in "Big Physics", for example Custom 20-bit real time networked power supply controller for Taiwan Photon Source.
  • Passive Sonar arrays.
  • HFDR Radar array.
  • Seismic applications.
  • Wind tunnel pressure models.
  • Other scientific experimental applications include power supply monitoring, Gyrotron conditioning, laser flashlamp condition monitor.
  • Transient capture applications include military and ballistics testing, where the deep circular buffer, and flexible digital and/or analog trigger capabilities are useful.
  • D‑TACQ products are used in continuous capture modes in engine testing applications.
  • Other applications include semiconductor ATE and in RF diagnostics.
  • The standalone capability of D‑TACQ's new products is opening new application areas in Imaging: Medical Imaging, Radar Imaging, Sonar Imaging, and Space Imaging, as well as in specialised test equipment.
  • D‑TACQ's customers include well known Universities, Institutes, large industrial companies and small systems integrators.