FMC Modules

A range of Data Acquisition modules conforming with the FMCworld specification, together with a range of intelligent, networked module carriers allows users to easily specify a high performance data acquisition appliance customised to meet their specific requirement.
The FMC formfactor is unique in that it allows IO to connect directly to a FPGAworld device with no additional bus layer, allowing efficient, low cost but high performance modules. D‑TACQ FMC modules fit compatible sites in both D‑TACQ and third party carriers.
D‑TACQ carrier units support both D‑TACQ FMC and standards compliant LPC modules. The carriers feature the Xilinx Zynq System-on-Chip architecture, featuring low power and integral FPGA device. Carriers are engineered to allow the maximum DAQ payload in minimum space.

Model Description Resolution Sample Rate /
per channel
ADC: Analog Input
ACQ420FMC 4 channel simultaneous sampling digitizer 16/18 bit 2 MSPS
ACQ430FMC 8 channel simultaneous sampling digitizer 24 bit 128 kSPS
ACQ480FMC 8 channel simultaneous sampling digitizer 14 bit 80 MSPS
DAC: Analog Output
AO420FMC 4 channel simultaneous analog output 16/18/20 bit 1 MSPS
DIO432FMC 32 bits clocked DIO 1 MSPS
DIO482FMC 32 bits clocked DIO 32 MSPS

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