AO32CPCI 32 channel simultaneous Analog Output

Product is now End of Life.
please consider using AO424ELF .. faster, cheaper, smaller.
Existing customers requiring service or replacement please contact D‑TACQ for support
  • 16 bit DAC per channel for true simultaneous analog output.
  • Low cost CPCI peripheral card, recommended for use with ACQ196CPCI.
  • Low latency update mode - immediate write from PCI.
  • Clocked update mode - includes FIFO buffer for high performance AWG.
  • 1usec update DAC devices, AWG can operate to 1MHz in 16 channel mode.
  • Optional 64 bit digital output DO - DO is AWG-capable and can also be clocked.
  • Optional 64 channel PWM on DO
  • External clock, trigger, internal clock. PXIworld compatible clock and trigger lines. Multiple boards can be ganged together.
  • Output to front panel on S68 (HD68) connectors, pinout compatible with ACQ196CPCI.
  • NEW -ER version: 18 bit DAC per channel