ACQ132CPCI 32 channel 2 MSPS Simultaneous Digitizer

Product is now End of Life.
Recommended substitute ACQ2106 + ACQ482ELF-16 :
16..96 channels, 16 bit 80MSPS Input Sample Rate, 10MSPS Output Sample Rate
Existing customers requiring service or replacement please contact D‑TACQ for support
  • 14 bit ADC per channel for true simultaneous analog input.
  • High throughput:
    2MSPS/channel (32 channels), 4MSPS/channel (16 channels).
    continuous converted data transfer to local memory, or offboard via CPCIworld backplane.
  • Oversampling options with filtered, decimated output:
    8MSPS Input Sample Rate, 2MSPS Output Sample Rate, 2.5MHz AAF
    32MSPS Input Sample Rate, 2MSPS Output Sample Rate, 16 bit ENOB
  • Repeat Gated transient option:
    65MSPS Input Sample Rate, length: 4K (32 channel), 8K (16 channel).
  • Uses latest silicon for highest performance at lowest cost per channel.
  • True differential input to each channel. Input features high common mode range and input overvoltage withstand.
  • Two soft switched input voltage ranges: ±10V, ±2.5V.
  • Plant cable interface to front panel - 2 x SCSI 68 connectors on front panel.
  • D-TACQ recommends the BNCPANELworld, SMAPANELworld or LEMOPANEL for breakout to individual signals
  • Gigabit Ethernet DAQ system with output to front panel, no RTM required.
  • Compatible with ACQ196 RTM for DIO32 and AO16 expansion options.
  • External clock, trigger, internal clock. PXIworld compatible clock and trigger lines. Multiple boards can be ganged together.
  • Ships with 1GB DDR memory on board as standard.
  • Linux DAQ system on a card, includes 600MHz RISC processor. Easy software enhancement and great connectivity.
  • 32bit/66MHz backplane PCI interface, huge buffers for streaming data.
  • Runs as traditional peripheral board, also capable of standalone and system slot functionality. Standalone networked mode allows very low cost deployment at point of use. System slot functionality allows the card to control a CompactPCI/PXI peripheral card, for example gigabit ethernet, serial com ports.
  • Oversampling, decimating digital filter option built into FPGAworld.
    Option implements a 500 tap FIR filter, 32MHz over sampling for 2MSPS, 16 bit effective operation.