WAV232CPCI 32 channel 2MHz Arbitrary Waveform Generator

  • Product Discontinued. Please consider ACQ1001+AO424ELF-32 - similar functionality at lower cost.

  • High bandwidth - sustained 320MByte/sec data flow from memory.

  • Multi track feature allows any of up to 8 scenarios to be replayed.
  • Track change on sample following a digital input change
  • Software configurable for
    • 32 channels x 1 track x 2 MSPS/channel.
    • 32 channels x 8 tracks x 250 kSPS/channel
  • Analog mezzanine for application specific input signal conditioning, differential output and software voltage range select.
  • Software selectable 4 quadrant Vref.
  • Internal or external Vref for complex control scenarios.
  • Plant cable interface to front panel - 2 x D37 connectors on front panel.
  • Option for Rear IO.
  • Optional Rear Transition Module RTM with ethernet and 32 DIO.
  • External clock, trigger, internal clock. PXIworld compatible clock and trigger lines. Multiple boards can be ganged together.
  • Up to 1GB DDR memory on board.
  • 400MHz RISC processor, runs embedded Linux. Easy software enhancement and good connectivity.
  • Dual gigabit ethernet option, PICMG2.16 compatible.
  • Runs as traditional peripheral board, also capable of standalone and system slot functionality.
  • Possibility to use the FPGAworld as a DSP co-processor.

Please contact D‑TACQ for more information.