Analog Input Subsystem

High Speed High Resolution
Number Of Channels 64/32
Sample Rate 128 kSPS/channel 52 kSPS/channel
Analog Input connector 2 x HD68world [0]
Resolution 24 bits
Coupling DC, Differential Input
Sampling Simultaneous
Input Impedance 20kΩ common mode, 1 MΩ to 0V
Voltage Range ±10V default
±5V, ±2.5V ±1V [4]
Common Mode Range ±13V
Input Voltage Withstand ±30V
Offset Error Numerical adjust to 0.01% FS [2] [3]
Gain Error Numerical adjust to 0.01% FS [2]
INL ±0.002% FS
CMRR >60dB FS @ 1 kHz
THD -106 dB [1]
SFDR 107 dBc [1]
SNR 104 dB [1] 108 dB [1]
Analog Input BW (-3dB) 80 kHz
Digital Filter Characteristics
Pass Band 0.453 FSAMPLE
-3dB 0.49 FSAMPLE
Stop Band 0.547 FSAMPLE
Stop Band Attenuation 95dB
Crosstalk (3 dB) <90 dB @ 1 kHz FS Input

[0] : 2 x HD68world connector - 32 channels per connector, fits differential pairs on twisted ribbon.
[1] : Typical values measured at full scale with a 10kHz input.
[2] : via post processing numerical adjust using onboard calibration table
[3] : accuracy may be exceeded by either controlling temperature or compensating for temperature.
Card is fitted with temperature sensing to facilitate.
[4] : factory fit option
[5] : 14 bit resolution with no oversampling, 16X oversampling can raise the resolution to 16 bit effective.
[6] : Other multi-rate options possible

ACQ164 Platform Features

Item Description
Form Factor Compact PCI, 6U. Fully Compliant PICMGworld 2.0R3.
PCI System and peripheral Slot capable
Bus Isolation mode for standalone networked operation
Onboard Memory 1 Gigabyte
Backplane Bus Interface PCI 32 bit, 33/66MHz
Network Interface 1 Channel Gigabit 1000 base T ethernet, (copper)
Network Connector RJ45 socket on front panel.
RS232 Connector (optional) HD9 socket on RTM
Synchronization 6 software routed DIO lines, can be switched to PXIworld signaling lines
External CLK input LEMOworld connector on front panel connects opto-isolated DIO line
External TRG input LEMOworld connector on front panel connects opto-isolated DIO line
Internal CLK PLL clock 4.096 .. 32.768 MHz.
Output Sample Rate is CLK/256
OSR: 16 .. 128 kHz in 1kHz steps
FPGAworld 1 x Xilinx SPARTANworld 3A

Optional Analog Output (RTM-AO16)

Item Description
Number of Channels 16
Conversion Time 1usec
Resolution 16 bit
Output Range ±10V
Reconstruction Filter 1pole
AWG Not recommended with ACQ196. Use AO32CPCI
Digital I/O
Number 6
Switching Characteristics TTL
Maximum Clock Rate 40MHz
Minimum High Time for Trigger 100 nS
Minimum Low Time for Trigger 100 nS

ACQ196 Rear Transition Module Features

Item RTM1
Ethernet 100 Base T1 x RJ45 (copper)
Console 9 Way D-Type (38kbaud default)
Isolated DI 4 lines isolated input
DIO 32 Bits, programmable direction