D‑TACQ makes a large and increasing range of analog modules based on FMCworld, a module standard that allows IO to connect directly to a FPGAworld device with no additional bus layer, allowing efficient, low cost but high performance modules. A compatible carrier is required to operate the module. D‑TACQ FMC modules fit compatible sites in both our own ACQ1001, ACQ2106 and third party carriers.

D‑TACQ carriers use a powerful System On Chip design based on the ZYNQ FPGA, that provides for the device interface, external interfaces on Ethernet and/or Fiber Optic with a embedded Linux-ARM system for supervision and control.

D‑TACQ packages the combination of intelligent carrier, signal specific module in a rack-mount enclosure to provide a turnkey "DAQ Appliance".

An additional family of larger "ELF" modules fit the same connector and front panel footprint but are physically larger to allow a bigger payload.

Typically with no or very limited digital electronics, the module design is generally quite simple to implement, allowing D‑TACQ to support a large range of modules catering to many signal requirements, and to allow for custom designs in low quantities.

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