Examples of Termination Options offered by D-TACQ

These examples are no longer in production, please see rackmount termination panels for current standard range.
Standard dt100 IPC Chassis with “Biscuit Box” enclosure with four ACQ32TERM02 modules providing access to 128 channels on 8 by 37Way D-Types. Clock and Trigger input on 9 Way D-Type

Detail of 19&rdquo panel featuring 16 differential inputs on dual pin LEMOŽ connectors; Clock and Trigger input and tee to output on single pin on LEMOŽ connectors.
Suitable for connection to either ACQ16PCI or ACQ32CPCI with differential input mezzanine (M2, M3).

Further examples of 19” rack mount termination options. - at the top is a multi way clock and trigger distributor module to connect multiple chassis.
Underneath is a 32 channel BNC connector panel, suitable for connection to single ended inputs such as ACQ32PCI, ACQ32CPCI with singled ended input mezzanine (M1).

Signal Termination on CompactPCI can be very simple, 32 channels Analog Input signals connect directly to 2 by 37 Way D-Types on the front panel. The inputs are overvoltage protected, and in addition a wide common mode range (+/-90V) opertion is available with M3 mezzanine. Opto isolated clock in/ clock out, trigger in/ trigger out is provided by the four Lemo connectors.

Or, if your application calls for Industrial PC chassis with individual connectors per channel, we can provide a customised chassis at low cost. The example pictured features 48 channels at 2.5MSPS/channel, with inputs on individual BNC connectors on the front panel. Multiple chassis are synchronised via the 19” clock distributor modules shown above.

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