Rackmount Termination Panels

  • 2U, 19" rackmount steel panel
  • 32 isolated BNC connectors
  • Differential wiring to S68 connector on rear side, to cable back to ACQ196CPCI
  • Also available to connect to ACQ132CPCI
  • 100V Zener diode transient protection.

Picture shows a standard 4U Portable cabinet with 4 x LEMOPANEL-32
4U Portable Cabinet with 4 x LEMOPANEL-32


Picture shows 4 x LEMO3PANEL-32 in a 19" cabinet
4 x LEMO3PANEL-32 in a 19


Picture shows part of ptbpanel, inset shows PTB connector in place.
Part of ptbpanel. Inset: PTB connector in place


  • 1U, 19" rackmount steel panel.
  • 16 (8) isolated BNC connectors.
  • Rear cable connection for 1 x ACQ425ELF-16 or (2 x ACQ420FMC-4).
  • Transient overvoltage suppression.
  • Front panel LEMO-00 connectors for CLK and TRG.