Acquire Maximum simultaneous analog channels at 1MSPS

Now shipping: ACQ424ELF-32-1000, the latest module in the large and growing range of simultaneous digitizer modules from D‑TACQ.
Module features 32 simultaneous SAR ADC channels, with differential inputs, supporting a sample rate up to 1MSPS/channel.

Very high channel count systems are easily realised. eg

  • ACQ1002R+2xACQ424ELF-32-1000 : 64 channels in 1U x 1/3 rack size.
  • ACQ2006+6xACQ424ELF-32-1000 : 192 channels in 1U chassis
  • ACQ2106+6xACQ424ELF-32-1000 : 192 channels in 1U chassis, with full-rate streaming to fiber optic link.

ACQ424ELF-32-1000 uses a VHDCI high density connector, with a pinout compatible with ACQ196CPCI and a range of rackmount termination panels.

ACQ424ELF is designed for use in high channel count imaging diagnostic and control applications. It provides the same channel density as the hugely successful ACQ196CPCI digitizer, but with twice the sample rate and gigabit Ethernet as standard, as well as offering lower cost and smaller size for lower channel counts.

D-TACQ manufactures a range of off-the-shelf high performance data acquisition hardware modules and systems. The systems are highly programmable and can be adapted to meet many requirements.