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Announcing ACQ16PCI High Speed Data Acquisition Card.

D-TACQ have launched their ACQ16PCI PCI intelligent data acquisition card. This board provides high speed simultaneous multi-channel analog input data acquisition.

The ACQ16PCI is a full length standard PCI intelligent data acquisition board providing 16 channels of simultaneous Analog Inputs at sample rates between 1.25 MHz and 10 MHz, depended on types of converters fitted and number of channels selected. The board offers 14 bit resolution with excellent AC characteristics with truly simultaneous sampling using multistage pipelined flash converters. The ACQ16PCI is an Intel StrongARM™ based board with up to 128 MBytes of onboard sample storage offering deep transient recording capability. The board also offers a Master DMA mode for low latency data acquisition directly into host memory.

The board offers a programmable internal clock generator in addition to external clock and digital trigger.

The high processing power of the StrongARM™ processor offers a range of analog input data capture modes including pre-and post capture with either a digital input trigger or based on an analog input level trigger from one of the inputs.

Contact D-TACQ Solutions for additional details.

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