Press Release

Announcing D-TACQ's first CompactPCI™ Data Acquisition Card.

D-TACQ have launched their ACQ32CPCI CompactPCI™ intelligent data acquisition card. Providing multi-channel analog input, analog output and digital I/O the board provides an extensive range of data acquisition capabilities.

The ACQ32CPCI is a 6U CompactPCI™ intelligent data acquisition board providing 32 channels of simultaneous Analog Inputs at 250 kHz and 2 Channels of 1 MHz simultaneous waveform capable Analog Outputs, both offering 16 bit resolution. The board also includes 8 general purpose Digital I/Os which can also operate as a digital waveform generator. The board offers excellent AC characteristics with onboard calibration for DC accuracy. The ACQ32CPCI is an Intel StrongARM™ based board with up to 128 MBytes of onboard sample storage offering deep transient recording capability. The board also offers a Master DMA mode for low latency data acquisition directly into host memory.

The board accepts up to 6 front panel, rear panel or PXI™ compliant digital inputs for clocks and triggers, with the analog inputs and outputs operating either synchronously or independently. The analog inputs and outputs can also run from a programmable internal clock generator.

The high processing power of the StrongARM™ processor offers a range of analog input data capture modes including pre-and post capture with either a digital input trigger or based on an analog input level trigger from any of the inputs.

Support for Signal termination / Signal Conditioning is available from either Mezzanine based Front Panel boards or Transition Module based Rear Panel boards.

Contact D-TACQ Solutions for additional details.

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