Portable Simultaneous Sampling System

D-TACQ announces type "DJ" customised simultaneous sampling systems with up to 200 channels, preconfigured in a 2U, 4U or 6U portable case, suitable for single hand-carry.

D-TACQ LEMOPANEL, SMAPANEL and BNCPANEL units offer easy per-channel signal breakout for:
ACQ196CPCI [500kHz sampling] and
ACQ132CPCI [2MHz sampling].

In addition, the systems may also be configured with higher speed digitizers featuring LEMOworld or SMAworld connectors for each channel on the front panel:
ACQ216CPCI [16 MHz sampling] and
ACQ132CPCI-32-65G [to 65MHz sampling],

The system may also include up to 32 channels of AWG using AO32CPCI.
The DJ box is lightweight, but robust and low cost.
The rear side of the assembled system includes an ac power socket, and quiet cooling fan.
All D-TACQ digitizers feature an Ethernet interface, making it easy to deploy the system near to the point of measurement, with the option to locate the host computer remotely.
Data capture is synchronized via the standard front panel clock and trigger ports.
Typical system weight: 12kg.

The systems are typically deployed in applications in large research labs, and mil/aero testing.

Example Systems
DJ4-96S 4U case with 96 channels, 1 x ACQ196CPCI, 3 x SMAPANEL
DJ6-192S 6U case with 192 channels, 2 x ACQ196CPCI, 6 x SMAPANEL
DJ4-32L 4U case with 64 channels, 2 x ACQ132CPCI, 2 x LEMOPANEL.
DJ2-16L 2U case with 64 channels, 4 x ACQ216CPCI
DJ2-32L 2U case with 64 channels, 2 x ACQ132CPCI-32-65G-LFP
DJ4-32AWG-S 4U case with 32 x 2MSPS AI, 32 x 2MSPS AWG, 2 x SMAPANEL.