News Flash October 14, 2004

ACQ216CPCI Digitizer Samples 4 channels at 50 MHz per channel.

D-TACQ announces upgrade to ACQ216CPCI-16-50 digitizer

Enhancements to onboard firmware mean that this intelligent simultaneous digitizer is now able to achieve the full rated speed of the convertors in four channel mode, enabling 4 channels 50MSPS per channel sustained capture to internal memory. With 1GB of memory fitted, this allows capture of 125 million four-channel samples in 2.25 seconds.

Capture rate with 8 channels enabled is improved to 22MSPS/channel and with 16 channels enabled is 11MSPS/channel.

The upgrade will ship as standard on all future product, and, in line with normal D-TACQ policy on firmware upgrades, will be provided to existing customers with compatible product free of charge. All ACQ216CPCI cards shipped since March 2004 are compatible.

ACQ216CPCI is deployed both in conventional CompactPCI&trade peripheral mode and as a standalone networked device. The in-system upgrade can be applied in seconds in either configuration.

ACQ216CPCI achieves superior analog performance using 14 bit flash convertors and a fully buffered differential front end. The analog input front end interface is customised using an analog mezzanine card, and a number of analog mezzanines are available, with more in development. In addition, D-TACQ offers an application-specific mezzanine design service, this is cost effective even at very low quantities.

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