Press Release September 24, 2003

Announcing a New High Performance Architecture

D-TACQ reports the new 2G architecture is now shipping. The new architecture enables D-TACQ to keep pushing out the Channels x Speed x Depth envelope, while retaining top quality analog performance.

First of the new generation boards is WAV232CPCI, a 32 channel simultaneous Arbitrary Waveform Generator. The AWG can run all channels at 2MSPS/channel, from a 1GB memory, with four quadrant external reference and multiple "track" playback facility.

Picture shows the first 2G system to be shipped, a feedforward reference waveform generator for Plasma Control, comprising a CompactPCI chassis with 128 channels AWB output, 128 channels analog readback using the ACQ32CPCI, in a single chassis controlled via a Kontron CP605 Pentium 4 board running Linux.

Watch this space for more exciting new products in development

“Rock Solid Data Acquisition from D-TACQ”

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