File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
acq32busprot.h [code]Pci bus command protocol definition
acq32ioctl.h [code]
build_prams.cpp [code]ACQ216 precooking file
channelize.196.c [code]Takes a block of data and dechannelize to logical channels
fetchbs.m [code]
flatline.c [code]Ad-hoc test file looking for an error condition
llcontrol-acq216-core.c [code]Demonstrates ACQ216 useage
llcontrol-core.c [code]Module implements the core of llcontrol loop
llcontrol-core.h [code]Llcontrol-core shared definitions
llcontrol-sync2v-core.c [code]Demonstrates SYNC_2V mode
llcontrol-sync2VAO32-core.c [code]Demonstrates SYNC_2V mode with AO32CPCI
llcontrol-sync2VRFM-core.c [code]
llcontrol-syncECM-core.c [code]Demonstrates SYNC_ECM mode
llcontrol.c [code]MAIN llcontrol top level and "UI"
llcontrol.h [code]Shared data structs for llcontrol
llif.c [code]Implementation of device driver interface for LLC
llif.h [code]Interface to device driver
llif26.c [code]Implementation of device driver interface for LLC for kernel .2.6x
llprotocol.c [code]Implementation of bus level protocol
llprotocol.h [code]API for bus level protocol
local.h [code]
timertest.c [code]Test harness for timer
x86timer.c [code]API for x86 time funcs
x86timer.h [code]API prototype for x86 timer funcs