Press Release September 17, 2002

Announcing a new CompactPCI Signal Conditioning Mezzanine M3

D-TACQ have launched their M3 signal conditioning mezzanine; fitted to the ACQ32CPCI base board, it provides a unique combination of 32 simultaneous high quality (16 bit), 250 kSPS/channel inputs, complete with signal conditioning in a single 6U, 4HP slot. The product complements the existing range of mezzanines, bringing differential input with a wide common mode range and good frequency response up to Nyquist.

A wide common mode differential receiver is provided for each channel providing up to 100 Volts of Common Mode Operating Range allowing the digitizer to operate in the presence of high common mode voltages, which can be either from channel to channel or field to bus. In addition to wide Common Mode operation the receiver provides a typical Common-Mode Rejection of 75 dB. This signal is then filtered by a 4 pole active filter providing a signal filtering or anti-aliasing function; the filter cut-off is configured by factory setting.

The M3 Active Mezzanine card also provides two channels of high speed opto-isolated digital inputs for the reception of digital clock and trigger for the ACQ32CPCI digitizer.

The other mezzanines in the range are M1, a low cost single ended connection, with transient overload protection and M2, also differential input, with four pole anti-alias filter and high gain PGA instrumentation amplifier front end.

D-TACQ recommend using the M3 over the M2, except in the case where higher gain is required with a lower anti alias filter cut off frequency.

D-TACQ engineers are delighted with the performance of this board, combining excellent signal conditioning with an input circuit that they believe brings many of the advantages of galvanic isolation without the cost. The board is already in deployment with two customers.

D-TACQ are also pleased to announce that CompactPCI systems are now shipping with 1GHz PIII processors as standard, with 1.7GHz P-IV as an option.

Contact D-TACQ Solutions for additional details.

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