Old Copper + New Chips => Lowest Cost

Swiss Plasma Centre (SPC) used a large number of 30 year old CAMAC digitizers, which, while still working, were becoming difficult to maintain and interface. The new LOW COST ACQ423-32 digitizer module from D‑TACQ makes for an ideal replacement with the same sample rate, but adding higher resolution, modern Gigabit Ethernet connectivity and still with differential input. However, the digitizers are only part of the cost, since SPC has a large investment in fixed signal wiring with D37 connectors. No problem for ACQ423, with "Flex Front Panel" capability. D‑TACQ produced a custom front panel for the ACQ2106 chassis, to allow a unit with 96 channels to be PLUG COMPATIBLE with the old digitizers. This allows SPC to completely re-use the existing cabling, with significant savings in material cost and installation time.

In the same vein, the installation also has faster digitizers with the high quality "Dual Pin LEMO" (DPL) connector. Again, D‑TACQ produced a customized version of the high-end ACQ427 digitizer with DPL connectors, enabling simple installation and cable re-use.

D‑TACQ is always happy to consider requests for custom signal connectivity, even in small quantities.

  • ACQ2106+3xACQ423ELF-32: 1U DAQ Appliance, 96 x 200kSPS/channel, LOW COST simultaneous 200kSPS/channel.
    • Standard Front Panel: VHDCI, allows 192 channels in 1U
    • Customer specified front panel - 16 differential inputs per D37 connector, "JET" pinout.
  • ACQ1002R+ACQ427ELF: 1U DAQ Appliance, 8 x 2MSPS/channel, high SNR 16 bit differential input.
    • Standard Front Panel: 8 x Single Pin LEMO SPL
    • Customer specified front panel - 8 x Dual Pin LEMO DPL.