Custom Signal Conditioning Inside

When a famous physical measurement institute approached D‑TACQ with a custom requirement, we were able to respond with a timely and cost-effective solution. In an experiment into the Josephson Effect, the customer requirement calls for a multi-channel AWG and multi-channel high gain, high-quality simultaneous digitizer. The basic requirement can be met using a standard ACQ2106 DAQ appliance fitted with AO424ELF-32 - 32 channel simultaneous DAC and ACQ425ELF-16-1000-18, 16-channel high quality simultaneous ADC. But the requirement also called for a fully differential system, ie the external plant is entirely floating. Now differential inputs are standard on most of the D‑TACQ range, but by default all our Analog Output modules are single ended.

The solution developed by D‑TACQ is as follows:

  • Double the depth of the standard ACQ2106, 1U*19" chassis from 240 to 480mm.
  • Develop two additional, analog-only modules to fit in-line in front of the existing DAC/DIGITIZER modules. The additional modules handle analog signal conditioning only, so they are relatively simple, and cost-effective to develop in small quantities. The modules are:
    • AO424-DIFF-OUT-FFC-RJ45 : 16 channels differential output to 4 x RJ45 outputs on front panel.
    • ACQ425-FFC-RJ45 : module provides 4 x RJ45 input on front panel.

Unit is fully controlled by internal EPICS IOC and supports live scope displays using the free, portable cs-studio.
Unit may be remotely controlled using simple TCP/IP command/response, and a comprehensive Python API is provided as source code.

  • Compact rackmount 19 inch x 1U networked DAQ appliance.
  • Convenient RJ45 connectors on front panel, 1:1 loopback using standard network cabling
  • Plays 32 channels simultaneous AWG at 1MSPS/channel
  • Samples 16 channels simultaneous Analog Input at 1MSPS/channel, 18 bit
  • High Gain option for the ADC : x1, x10, x100, x1000
  • System expandable to 96 Analog outputs or 96 Analog inputs per 1U unit. Multiple units can be run together with perfectly syncrhonized record and play.
  • Possible future extension : analog input module with additional gain.

The Double Depth box concept provides a very cost-effective platform for custom signal conditioning. D‑TACQ welcomes requests for custom signal conditioning, we can provide cost-effective solutions in low quantities.