Simultaneous Analog Output with Fiber Optic Data Feed

D‑TACQ supplied a set of customised analog output units to Taiwan Photon Source. Each unit provides 64 simultaneous analog outputs in a compact 1U chassis. The chassis operates unattended at the end of a fiber-optic data feed. The unit is suitable for both AWG and real time low latency applications. Output resolution is 16 bit at update rates up to 100kHz. The units will be deployed for beam position control.

The system is a cost-effective "Custom Off the Shelf" design based on D‑TACQ standard products AO32CPCI analog output and RTM-T fiber-optic adapter. Customised firmware brings data compatibility with CPSC 20 bit real time networked power supply controller. The firmware also allows two 32 channel boards to be ganged together and controlled from a single fiber-optic cable. Hot-plug logic allows the fiber-optic link to be be plugged into either port; automated detection of a front panel clock selects update on clock from default update on packet. A set of four front panel indicator LED's shows status.

AO32CPCI is also available with a 64 channel digital output.

D-TACQ manufactures a range of off the shelf high performance data acquisition hardware and systems. The systems are highly programmable and and can be adapted to meet many requirements, but where this is not enough of course we can advise on custom systems for an exact fit.