Create Off the shelf customized DAQ systems

High channel count, high quality simultaneous data acquisition systems. Matching channel count, resolution and sample rate to your requirement in a cost-effective, custom-off-the shelf appliance.

D-TACQ ACQ400 series is a range of Analog Input and Analog output modules, providing from 4 to 32 simultaneous channels per module. From one to six modules can be combined on a single intelligent carrier card. Data is captured to local DRAM and streamed on Gigabit Ethernet. The entire customised system is supplied as a turnkey, networked data acquisition appliance.

ACQ2006 picture

Analog modules support inputs from 14 to 24 bit, 128kSPS/channel to 100MSPS/channel, and outputs to 16 bit, 1MSPS/channel.
Appliances are provided in 3 sizes: single module, dual module and six modules. Enclosures are a standard 1U high, to fit a standard 19" shelf. Modules are based on the VITA-57 FMC standard; Appliances build on the Xilinx ZYNQ SOC device, combining FPGA, Ethernet and CPU in one chip. The CPU is a powerful but frugal dual-core ARM device; the appliance runs embedded Linux, providing universal connectivity using standard networking.

A future appliance will also provide higher speed serial connectivity on PCI-Express, SATA and fiber-optic. Full product detail available here, or contact D-TACQ to discuss your exact requirement.