ACQ196CPCI Digitizer Samples 96 channels at 500 kHz per channel.

D‑TACQ announces speed upgrade to ACQ196CPCI digitizer

Already in a class of its own for channel density, price and performance, ACQ196CPCI is now available in a new version at double sample rate.

Improving on the existing product, rated at an outstanding 96 channels at 250 kSPS/channel, the new models achieve double speed by employing faster embedded logic and uprating the internal bus clock rate from 66MHz to 100MHz.

The 100% increase in speed incurs a small premium, while for applications that do not need the additional speed, the original models are still available at the same unrivalled price per channel as before.

ACQ196CPCI is deployed both in conventional Compact PCI peripheral mode and as a standalone networked device. The product is proving to be a best seller for D‑TACQ, with deployments in high channel count transient diagnostics, low latency control, and in streaming data capture applications.

ACQ196CPCI achieves superior analog performance using 16 bit SAR convertors and a fully buffered differential front end.

kSPS kilo Samples per Second. All channels sample simultaneously