20-bit Low Profile Power Supply Controller, LPSC-20

LPSC-20 Now Shipping
LPSC-20 is a small formfactor DAQ appliance with:

  • 8 simultaneous analog outputs, 20 bit resolution.
  • 8 simultaneous analog inputs, 24 bit resolution.

LPSC-20 re-uses the successful 20-bit DAC design used in Corrector Power Supply Controller.
The DAC module includes thermal stabilization to keep the output stable down to the microvolt level. Output and input use matching MDR36 connectors for easy loopback. D‑TACQ can provide a DIN-RAIL breakout module. The DAQ unit provides network control of output values, arbitrary waveforms and an auto-zero function. The analog input section can be set to sample up to 128KSPS/channel. The appliance includes an EPICS IOC for logic control, and to present waveform and subrate scalar values on the network; A sophisticated remote GUI provided waveform scope and stripchart plots. LPSC20 is based on the ACQ1001 hardware platform; this includes a ZYNQ system on chip / FPGA, powerful ARM microprocessor and embedded Linux system with great expandability, including USB and i2c buses.