Instrument grade simultaneous digitizer with RJ45 front panel input

ACQ425BLF-16-2000 : now shipping

  • 16 channels of extremely high quality 16 bit analog input
  • Sampling rate : 2MSPS, simultaneous
  • Same analog design as ACQ425ELF-16, but adds
    • 4 x RJ45 connectors on the front panel, 4 channels per connector.
    • Natural connector for differential input, 4 channels on 4 twisted pairs
    • Use CAT7 cable for superior crosstalk and screening.
    • Shielded RJ45 grounds to the chassis.
    • Signal inputs protected by TRANSIL suppressors.
    • Fit up to 6 modules, 96 channels in single ACQ2106 1U DAQ appliance

RJ45 cabling allows low cost but high quality differential cabling direct to the front panel. The "BLF" formfactor follows on from the successful "BOLO8BLF" module. Look out for more modules in this range ..