System captures 128 channels at 50MSPS/channel

  • 128 channels, 50MSPS/channel simultaneous capture
  • Store up to 0.5s data
  • Upload on Gigabit Ethernet to MDSplus

D-TACQ simultaneous digitizers scale well to capture many simultaneous channels. The system shown captures 16GB data in under 1s.
It's realised with multiple small ACQ1001 appliances, each with an ACQ480FMC, 8 channel digitizer. Each appliance is an embedded system with 1GB DDRAM. The system is controlled on Gigabit Ethernet using standard TCP/IP networking. After the shot, the digitizers store data directly to an MDSplus data tree. All units share a common clock.
D‑TACQ provided a clock tree fanout so that every channel is simultaneous to within 20nsec.
The front panel signal connector is the robust and convenient LEMO00. There is provision for external clock and trigger on a Clock Master unit.

D‑TACQ manufactures a range of off-the-shelf high performance data acquisition hardware modules and systems. The systems are highly programmable and can be adapted to meet many requirements.