ACQ216CPCI throughput up 30%; 16 channels x 16MHz now shipping.

D‑TACQ announces speed upgrade to ACQ216CPCI digitizer

The internal 64bit/66MHz PCI bus on ACQ216CPCI has been upgraded to 64bit/100MHz PCI-X, increasing throughput to memory by 30%. Sustained data transfer to local memory is now 530MB/s, allowing just under a second data capture to the one gigabyte local memory.

The standard card now offers the following sampling rate options:


  • 16 channels x 16MSPS/channel [was 12.5MSPS]
  • 12 channels x 22MSPS/channel [was 16MSPS]


  • 08 channels x 33MSPS/channel [was 25MSPS]

Applications include Radar, Sonar, ATE and RF diagnostics.

MSPS Mega Samples per Second. All channels sample simultaneously