FMC Modules

A range of Data Acquisition modules conforming with the VITA 57 FMC specification, together with a range of intelligent, networked module carriers allows users to easily specify a high performance data acquisition appliance customised to meet their specific requirement.
The FMC formfactor is unique in that it allows IO to connect directly to a FPGAworld device with no additional bus layer, allowing efficient, low cost but high performance modules. D-TACQ FMC modules fit compatible sites in both D-TACQ and third party carriers.
D-TACQ carrier units support both D-TACQ FMC and standards compliant LPC modules. The carriers feature the Xilinx Zynq System-on-Chip architecture, featuring low power and integral FPGA device. Carriers are engineered to allow the maximum DAQ payload in minimum space.

Model Description Resolution Sample Rate /
per channel
ADC: Analog Input
ACQ420FMC 4 channel simultaneous sampling digitizer 16/18 bit 2 MSPS
ACQ430FMC 8 channel simultaneous sampling digitizer 24 bit 128 kSPS
ACQ480FMC 8 channel simultaneous sampling digitizer 14 bit 80 MSPS
DAC: Analog Output
AO420FMC 4 channel simultaneous analog output 16/18/20 bit 1 MSPS
DIO432FMC 32 bits clocked DIO 1 MSPS

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