ACQ216 Analog Parameters

Parameter ACQ216-M2 ACQ216-M6 ACQ216-M5
Number Of Channels 16/8/4
Sample Rate 15 MSPS/channel over 16 channels
20 MSPS/channel over 12 channels
25 MSPS/channel over 8 channels
50 MSPS/channel over 4 channels
Resolution 14 bits
Throughput 530MBytes/sec sustained.
Coupling DC, Differential Inputs
Sampling Simultaneous
Input Impedance 10KΩ [D] (50Ω[F])
5KΩ [G]
10KΩ (50Ω[S]) 200KΩ (50Ω[F])
Anti Alias Filter 1 pole 4 pole, fixed frequency
2.5, 5 or 10MHz [F]
Voltage Ranges ±2.5V, ±4V, ±6V, ±10V ±30mV, ±50mV, ±625mV
±1V, ±1.9V, ±3V
Common Mode Range ±13V ±3.5V
Input Voltage Withstand ±30V
Offset Error 0.01% [1]
Gain Error 1% [1]
Offset Adjust ±25% of full scale
SINAD 74 dB [2]
SFDR 85 dBc [2]
SNR 75 dB [2]
THD >-80 dB
Full Power BW 20 MHz
Small Signal BW 40 MHz
Crosstalk (3 dB) <88 dB [3]
CMRR >60dB [4]
Front Panel Connector: Dual Pin LEMOworld Isolated SMAworld Dual Pin LEMOworld
Front Panel Sync Isolated Clock and Trigger on Two Single Pin LEMOworld

[D] : Differential impedance (signal- to signal+)
[G] : Impedance signal to ground.
[F] : Factory Option
[S] : Solder Blob Jumper Option
[1] [digital calibration table provided]
[2] 5MHz FS input signal.
[3] 1MHz FS input signal.
[4] 10kHz FS input signal.

ACQ216 Platform Features

Item Description
Form Factor Compact PCI, 6U. Fully Compliant PICMG2.0R3.
PCI System and peripheral Slot capable
Max Onboard Memory 1 gigabyte
Backplane Bus Interface PCI 64 bit, 66MHz
Network Interface 2 Channels gigabit ethernet (E1000), copper
Synchronisation 6 software routed DIO lines, can be switched to PXI signaling lines
FPGAworld Xilinx V2PROworld, DSP capable.

ACQ216 Rear Transition Module Features

Gigabit Ethernet 2 x RJ45 (copper) connectors
Console 9 Way D-Type (38kbaud default)
Isolated DI 4 lines isolated input
Registered DIO 32 Bits, programmable direction, 24mA drive
Sample Clock Direct Digital Synthesis DDS
- 1..100MHz in 1Hz steps,
10 picosecond jitter