mdsshell.h File Reference

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#define MAXEXP   4096


int mdsshell_doServerCommand (struct IoBuf *cmd)
void mdsshell_iterateCommands (void(*visitor)(void *vobj, const char *command), void *vobj)
void mdsshell_help (void)

Define Documentation

#define MAXEXP   4096

Definition at line 24 of file mdsshell.h.

Referenced by batch_work(), mdsPutCh(), mdsPutChannel(), and server_work().

Function Documentation

int mdsshell_doServerCommand ( struct IoBuf cmd  ) 

void mdsshell_help ( void   ) 

Definition at line 1422 of file mdsshell.c.

References BUILD, NCMDS, and serverCommands.

Referenced by server().

void mdsshell_iterateCommands ( void(*)(void *vobj, const char *command)  visitor,
void *  vobj 

Definition at line 1434 of file mdsshell.c.

References NCMDS, and serverCommands.

Referenced by doMdsHelp(), and makelinks().

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