Mdsshell - MDSplus Thin Client.

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The goal of the MDSplus Thin Client is to provide a simple interface so that shell scripts running on D-TACQ ACQ216, ACQ196 series intelligent digitizers are able to store capture data to a remote MDSplus Tree on the network using the MDSTCPIP protocol.

Typically Mdsshell commands are embedded in the post shot script

The scripting interface provides a similar capability for the Linux shell that is provided for IDL, but without the need for any non-free software, or for a heavyweight math environment on the embedded ARM processor.

Mdsshell comprises a local client/server architecture, where the server acts as a proxy for the remote MDSIP daemon, maintaining persisten connections. Shell commands are clients of this local proxy.

Mdsshell is available on both ARM and x86 environments, and has found application on the x86 host side in cases where scriptable support is required, but there is no need for an expensive and heavyweight math package.

The MDSplus Thin Client comprises

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