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local.h File Reference
#include "../include/local.h"
#include <unistd.h>

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#define FN   __PRETTY_FUNCTION__
#define STATUS_WORKTODO   -42


static void die (int errcode, const char *s)
static long getenvInt (const char *key, long default_value)

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#define FN   __PRETTY_FUNCTION__

Definition at line 1 of file local.h.

Referenced by CommandBufferImpl::CommandBufferImpl(), and AcqType::getAcqType().

#define STATUS_WORKTODO   -42

Definition at line 22 of file local.h.

Function Documentation

static void die ( int  errcode,
const char *  s 
) [inline, static]
static long getenvInt ( const char *  key,
long  default_value 
) [inline, static]