File List
Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
Acq132.cpp [code]
Acq132.h [code]
acq196_api_test.cpp [code]Start and monitor continuous capture using API
acq2sh.cpp [code]Implementation of acq2sh "remote shell" using API
acq2xx_api.cpp [code]ACQ2xx C++ API Implementation
acq2xx_api.h [code]ACQ2xx C++ API Definition
acq_api_common.h [code]
acq_demux.cpp [code]Demuxes (de-channelizes) acqXXX raw data
acq_demux.h [code]
acq_transport.cpp [code]Instantiates Transport
acq_transport.h [code]Generic ACQ2xx Transport Definition
AcqCal.cpp [code]
acqcmd.cpp [code]Implementation of acqcmd using API
AcqDataModel.cpp [code]Implementation of Data Model Refs:
AcqDataModel.h [code]Generic Data Model for all ACQxxx raw data Refs:
acqread.cpp [code]Channel upload example using API
AcqType.cpp [code]Encapsulates ACQ2xx product design details
AcqType.h [code]Encapsulates ACQ2xx product design details
api_test.cpp [code]Implementation of api_test using API
CommandBuffer.cpp [code]
CommandBuffer.h [code]
connectto.cpp [code]Socket client utils
DataStreamer.cpp [code]: example APP, continuous data streaming handler
DataStreamer.h [code]Continuous data streaming handler
dir-watch.c [code]
DirfileFrameHandler.cpp [code]
  • adapter connects stream data to Dirfile output
DirfileFrameHandler.h [code]
  • adapter connects stream data to Dirfile output
Dt100Transport.cpp [code]Defines the dt100 Transport
Dt100Transport.h [code]Defines Dt100TransportFactory
dumptest.c [code]
fgets_timeout.c [code]
float-check.c [code]
Frame.c [code]Implementation of Frame template functions
Frame.cpp [code]Implements ACQ streaming frame
Frame.h [code]Defines ACQ streaming frame
iclient3.h [code]
KddTransport.cpp [code]Defines the Kernel Device Driver Transport
KddTransport.h [code]
local.h [code]
MdsProcessController.cpp [code]
MdsProcessController.h [code]
ProcessController.cpp [code]
ProcessController.h [code]
SoapTransport.cpp [code]Defines a Transport for SOAP service
SoapTransport.h [code]
streamer.cpp [code]Example application streams data from dt100d port
tbstat_ev_test.c [code]
Timer.h [code]Timer class
wdt.c [code]
WorkingDir.cpp [code]
WorkingDir.h [code]