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LivePrePostProcessController Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for LivePrePostProcessController:
LiveFeedProcessController ProcessController

Public Member Functions

bool tblockAlreadyKnown (int tblock)
virtual void processAction (void *pdata, int len, int tblock)
 LivePrePostProcessController (AcqDataModel &_dataModel)
virtual int processTblock (const char *tbdef)
 returns # events, <0 :: error

Static Public Member Functions

static int B2S (int bytes)

Protected Member Functions

virtual int dump ()
 returns # events, <0 :: error

Protected Attributes

File event_log
int previous
bool rc_previous
int adjacent_search_length


class EvLiveFeedInputValidator

Detailed Description

Definition at line 643 of file ProcessController.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

LivePrePostProcessController::LivePrePostProcessController ( AcqDataModel _dataModel) [inline]

Member Function Documentation

static int LivePrePostProcessController::B2S ( int  bytes) [inline, static]

Definition at line 688 of file ProcessController.cpp.

References SAMPLE_SIZE.

Referenced by processAction().

int LivePrePostProcessController::dump ( ) [protected, virtual]
void LivePrePostProcessController::processAction ( void *  pdata,
int  len,
int  tblock 
) [virtual]
int LivePrePostProcessController::processTblock ( const char *  tbdef) [virtual]

returns # events, <0 :: error

Reimplemented from ProcessController.

Definition at line 861 of file ProcessController.cpp.

References ValidatorData::evnum, and ProcessController::validatorData.

bool LivePrePostProcessController::tblockAlreadyKnown ( int  tblock) [inline]

Definition at line 655 of file ProcessController.cpp.

References previous, and rc_previous.

Referenced by EvLiveFeedInputValidator::isValidInput().

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class EvLiveFeedInputValidator [friend]

Definition at line 686 of file ProcessController.cpp.

Referenced by LivePrePostProcessController().

Field Documentation

Definition at line 653 of file ProcessController.cpp.

Referenced by LivePrePostProcessController().

Definition at line 649 of file ProcessController.cpp.

Referenced by EvLiveFeedInputValidator::isValidInput().

Definition at line 651 of file ProcessController.cpp.

Referenced by LivePrePostProcessController(), and tblockAlreadyKnown().

Definition at line 652 of file ProcessController.cpp.

Referenced by tblockAlreadyKnown().

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