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Acq196AcqType Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 Acq196AcqType (int _nchannels, int _word_size=2)
 Acq196AcqType ()
virtual int getChannelOffset (int physchan) const
virtual NewEventSignaturecreateES (short _raw[], unsigned long _sample_cursor) const

Static Public Attributes

static const int LUT [96+1]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 152 of file AcqType.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Acq196AcqType::Acq196AcqType ( int  _nchannels,
int  _word_size = 2 
) [inline]

Definition at line 155 of file AcqType.cpp.

References DumpDef::common_timebase, and model.

Acq196AcqType::Acq196AcqType ( ) [inline]

Definition at line 163 of file AcqType.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

virtual NewEventSignature* Acq196AcqType::createES ( short  _raw[],
unsigned long  _sample_cursor 
) const [inline, virtual]

Reimplemented from AcqType.

Definition at line 177 of file AcqType.cpp.

References Acq196EventSignature::create().

virtual int Acq196AcqType::getChannelOffset ( int  physchan) const [inline, virtual]

Implements AcqType.

Definition at line 167 of file AcqType.cpp.

Field Documentation

const int Acq196AcqType::LUT [static]

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