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api_test.cpp File Reference

implementation of api_test using API. More...

#include <popt.h>
#include "local.h"
#include "acq2xx_api.h"
#include "acq_transport.h"

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#define RETERR(cmd)
#define POST   1024000


int main (int argc, const char **argv)


int acq200_debug
int timeout
char * device
int do_shell
const char * trigger_type = "lemo-standalone"

Detailed Description

implementation of api_test using API.

exercise the methods of Acq2xx, first by setting properties, then run a capture. Then you can use acqread to look at the data

  -T : use hard trigger 
  --trigger-type lemo-master : set.route in lemo out fpga pxi : chassis master
  --trigger-type pxi-slave   : set.route in pxi out fpga      : chassis slave
			       default: front panel lemo-standalone

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#define POST   1024000

Definition at line 52 of file api_test.cpp.

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#define RETERR (   cmd)
if (STATUS_ERR(rc = cmd)) {             \
        err("failed: \"%s\" code:%d", #cmd, rc);        \
        return rc;      \

Definition at line 46 of file api_test.cpp.

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int main ( int  argc,
const char **  argv 

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char* device

Definition at line 43 of file api_test.cpp.

int do_shell

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int timeout

Definition at line 42 of file api_test.cpp.

const char* trigger_type = "lemo-standalone"

Definition at line 55 of file api_test.cpp.