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acq2xx_api.cpp File Reference

ACQ2xx C++ API Implementation. More...

#include "local.h"
#include "acq_transport.h"
#include "acq2xx_api.h"

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#define RETERR(rc)   if (STATUS_ERR(rc)) return rc
#define ERR_SCAN1   -101
#define ERR_SCAN2   -102
#define ERR_SCAN3   -103
#define ERR_SCAN4   -104
#define CMD   128
#define REPLY   128
#define ECASE(ev)   case ev: return #ev;
#define R1   -32768
#define R2   32767
#define RR   (R2 - R1)


const char * toString (enum STATE s)
const char * toString (enum acq2xx__DOx dox)
const char * toString (enum acq2xx__EDGE edge)
const char * toString (enum acq2xx__DIx dix)
const char * toString (enum acq2xx_Dx dx)
const char * toString (enum acq2xx_RoutePort port)
const char * toString (enum acq2xx_RoutePort port, enum acq2xx_RoutePort port2, enum acq2xx_RoutePort port3)

Detailed Description

ACQ2xx C++ API Implementation.

Definition in file acq2xx_api.cpp.

Define Documentation

#define CMD   128
#define ECASE (   ev)    case ev: return #ev;

Definition at line 37 of file acq2xx_api.cpp.

Referenced by toString().

#define ERR_SCAN1   -101
#define ERR_SCAN2   -102

Definition at line 30 of file acq2xx_api.cpp.

Referenced by Acq2xx::getAvailableChannels(), and Acq2xx::getChannelRanges().

#define ERR_SCAN3   -103

Definition at line 31 of file acq2xx_api.cpp.

#define ERR_SCAN4   -104

Definition at line 32 of file acq2xx_api.cpp.

#define R1   -32768
#define R2   32767
#define REPLY   128
#define RETERR (   rc)    if (STATUS_ERR(rc)) return rc
#define RR   (R2 - R1)

Function Documentation

const char* toString ( enum STATE  s)
const char* toString ( enum acq2xx_RoutePort  port,
enum acq2xx_RoutePort  port2,
enum acq2xx_RoutePort  port3 

Definition at line 132 of file acq2xx_api.cpp.

References toString().

const char* toString ( enum acq2xx_RoutePort  port)

Definition at line 116 of file acq2xx_api.cpp.

References R_FPGA, R_LEMO, R_PXI, and R_RIO.

const char* toString ( enum acq2xx_Dx  dx)

Definition at line 102 of file acq2xx_api.cpp.

References D0, D1, D2, D3, D4, and D5.

const char* toString ( enum acq2xx__DIx  dix)

Definition at line 80 of file acq2xx_api.cpp.

References DI0, DI1, DI2, DI3, DI4, DI5, and DI_NONE.

const char* toString ( enum acq2xx__EDGE  edge)

Definition at line 75 of file acq2xx_api.cpp.

References EDGE_FALLING.

const char* toString ( enum acq2xx__DOx  dox)

Definition at line 52 of file acq2xx_api.cpp.

References DO0, DO1, DO2, DO3, DO4, DO5, and DO_NONE.