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ACQ2XXWebServices File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
acq2xx.h [code]ACQ2xx web service definition
acq2xx_api_test.cpp [code]Example test harness for functional API
acq2xx_client.cpp [code]Client WS application
acq2xx_client_api.cpp [code]
acq2xx_client_api.h [code]API for remote WS interface
acq2xx_common.cpp [code]
acq2xx_server.cpp [code]Server WS implementation
acq2xx_simple.h [code]
acq2xx_stubs.cpp [code]
env.h [code](empty) environment set up file for DLL see #18.35
soapacq2xxObject.h [code]
soapacq2xxProxy.h [code]
soapC.cpp [code]
soapClient.cpp [code]
soapClientLib.cpp [code]
soapH.h [code]
soapServer.cpp [code]
soapServerLib.cpp [code]
soapStub.h [code]
stdsoap2.cpp [code]
stdsoap2.h [code]

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