96 Channel Gigabit Network Digitizer Appliance

D‑TACQ networked digitizers make it easy to install many tens to hundreds of simultaneous analog input channels in highly scaleable architecture.

ACQ196CPCI features 96 simultaneous analog inputs, clocked up to 500 kSPS providing high channel density and low cost per channel. Available with a 100 Base-T Ethernet port as standard, NEW Gigabit Ethernet upgrade for the same price.
The upgrade takes advantage of the system slot capability of ACQ196CPCI, to control an off the shelf Gigabit Ethernet card. With a 64 bit bus interface, the Gigabit Ethernet port offers extremely high performance, up to 70 MBytes/second transfer rate using standard TCP/IP. The Gigabit Ethernet option is ONLY available for the case of a single 32/64/96 channel card in a 1U box.

Typical use cases are:

  • Transient capture to local memory:
    96 channels x 500 kSPS x 9s capture, 12s upload time.
  • Continuous Streaming data capture:
    96 channels x 100 kSPS with concurrent upload to Ethernet.
  • Continuous Streaming data capture:
    32 channels x 500 kSPS with concurrent upload to Ethernet.
  • Gated Captures:
    Many active systems feature a gated capture; with the right duty cycle (>50%), ACQ196 will capture data at full rate, upload to Ethernet and be ready in time for the next gate.
  • Extract a signal from a carrier using DDCworld:
    Digital Downconverter 96 channels, continuous capture, 125kHz centre frequency, 24kHz bandwidth.

Applications include passive and active sonar, seismic data capture, satellite tracking and power monitoring.

Like the concept but need different characteristics? - other D‑TACQ networked digitizers already feature Gigabit Ethernet:

ACQ164CPCI : 64 channels, 24 bit resolution, 128 kSPS
ACQ132CPCI : 32 channels, 2 MSPS continuous, up to 65 MSPS gated.
ACQ216CPCI : 16 channels, 16 MSPS continuous.

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Want to stream data, but Gigabit Ethernet not fast enough? Stream direct to PCI-Express using RTM-T