Programmable Automation Controller PAC

As a networked digitizer, ACQ196CPCI captures nearly 100 simultaneous analog input channels in one slot.
At the same time it can operate as a PAC controlling firstly the local IO's (32 DIO, 64 AO), then the System Slot capability gives the controller the ability to use COTS expansion cards, for example cards we have integrated include:

  • AO32CPCI - 32 channels AO, optional 64 channels DO, AWG capable.
  • Third party high density 256 bit DIO card
  • Third party timing card
  • Third party comms cards eg Gigabit Ethernet, Reflective Memory.

The card supports an embedded EPICSworld IOC -a controller providing access to each IO in the system as a network process variable, and supporting user-defined local sequences.

The card includes a fully featured embedded Linux implementation, and there are a number of ways for users to leverage this, ranging from simple scripts to high performance customized C programs. All cards are supported by easy to use device drivers. D-TACQ welcomes enquiries about integrating additional COTS cards.

In a typical application the ACQ196CPCI will be set to acquire AI data continuously to local memory at a fairly high rate - e.g. 100kHz/channel. While the capture is operating, the controller continuously monitors input data values and publishes them as averaged Process Variables at a lower update rate - 10Hz/channel typical. Concurrently, the output functions may be driven by stored data - AWG at high rate - up to 1MHz/channel, or updated dynamically at lower rates. Computation of dynamic values may be performed locally with low latency, or remotely, perhaps with more computation. Capture is terminated when a trip signal is received, capture then stops and full rate data is exported for post-mortem diagnosis, or if zero turn-around is required, capture can be immediately restarted and the data uploaded in the background while the capture continues.

Example Systems

Pulse Magnet Power Supply Control ACQ196CPCI, AO32CPCI AWG and monitoring
HV Power Supply Monitor ACQ196CPCI Monitoring and post-mortem
Control System Interface ACQ196CPCI, CP7452 Sequencing