ACQ216CPCI DDS clock now syncs to external 1MHz clock

A typical application for ACQ216CPCI is to sample on an external clock.
Many of our customer sites have a 1MHz timing highway for this purpose. However ACQ216 samples at much higher rates - typically 20MHz, so it is necessary to multiply the external clock to achieve the required synchronous high speed clock.

ACQ216-RTMDDS provides a DDS clock for this purpose. However the minimum external clock for the DDS is 6MHz, so this was not directly compatible with the 1MHz plant clock.

D-TACQ has now implemented a 1MHz->8MHz multiplier stage so that a 1MHz external clock can be converted into a high quality clock in the range 1 .. 80MHz. This modification is available on all new RTMDDS. It's also simple to fit a new RTMDDS to an older ACQ216CPCI installation to achieve totally synchronised, low jitter clocking.