Sample Multiple Channels up to 160MSPS

D‑TACQ announces speed upgrade to ACQ216CPCI digitizer

For operation in gated modes, D-TACQ offers an enhanced version of ACQ216CPCI-HS.

We fit 80MSPS, 14 bit ADC devices, use DDR clocking to double the throughput of the front-side data bus, and double up the convertors to allow anti-phase clocking for a double sample rate option. The card achieves the following sample rates:


  • 2 channels x 160MSPS/channel
  • 4 channels x 80MSPS/channel

A second variant is aimed at very high channel density RF applications:


  • 8 channels x 50MSPS/channel

In gated sampling, data is acquired to high speed ram buffers internal to the FPGA, and is read out at a lower data rate on the local 64bit/66MHz pci bus to local DDRAM. With an input rate of 640MB/sec, output data rate of 400MB/sec, static buffer size 48K, gated transients of 64Kbytes (4K samples on 8 channels) are achieved, with a duty cycle of 60%. FPGA logic allows a programmable burst length, and automatic retrigger.

Applications include Radar, Sonar, ATE and RF diagnostics.

MSPS Mega Samples per Second. All channels sample simultaneously