Precision Power Converter for Corrector Magnet

A very low ripple, high stability current source

Based on the requirement of beam stability for the third-generation synchrotron radiation light source is more stringent, lower ripple and higher bandwidth of output current of corrector magnet power converters have been developed. The ± 10 A / ± 50 V corrector magnet power converter uses a full bridge configuration, the switching frequency of power MOSFET is 40 kHz, in that each bridge leg has its own independent PWM controller and the output current bandwidth is 1.5 kHz when connected with the corrector magnet load. Using a DCCT as the current feedback component the output current ripple and stability of this converter could be lower than 5 ppm.


PDF Technical Document

Output: - 10 A to + 10 A each power module (8 power modules max. per crate)

Compliance: ± 50 V max.

Power:  250 W max. each module

Ripple: < 5 ppm at DC to 1 kHz

Stability: better than 5 ppm within 8 hours

Control: custom design control module available

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Jimmy Hsu, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Hsinchu City 300, TAIWAN